Field Trips


upick12Smith’s Nursery field trip is a fun and educational experience for families and schools. Our Strawberry Field or Pumpkin Patch is a fun and educational addition to the school year. Our field trips are catered to preschool classes, elementary school classes, special needs individuals, church groups, and more. When you take a field trip to our farm you will have the chance to learn all about the importance of farming, fruit, pollination, and wildlife in a fun and adventurous setting.

In the Spring, we teach the students how strawberries are grown, the correct way to pick them and we allow each child to pick a bucket of berries in a reserved just for you section of our farm. There are 2 ponds on our farm that provide for Irrigation to the strawberries and plants. We will visit the ponds where we will learn about pond life, see the wildlife in the pond such as turtles and also feed the ‘hungry’ catfish.

upick9You’ll have tons of fun and learn plenty with the goat pen.  A visit to the chicken coop to check for eggs and learn about the importance of honeybees and their role in the production of strawberries! The cost of the Spring Field Trip is $10.00 per student.

Smith’s Nursery offers a wonderful Pumpkin Patch field trip in the fall. Students will learn how pumpkins are grown and each child will receive a small pumpkin to take home. Classes will travel around the nursery on an exciting hay ride! We will stop by an Indian Camp for a brief history lesson on the Native Americans who lived on this land. Each class will get to see some of the arrow heads and ancient pottery found in the pumpkin field.

upick14A visit to the big red barn provides a lesson on North Carolina farm history. And if you don’t get lost in our Millet Maze you can visit our goats at the Swinging Bridge Goat Walk and watch as they play and climb to new heights! The cost per student is $10.00 for the Fall Field Trip.

Parents bring your kids and explore and pick from our field. You will pay for what you take home at a rate price per pound.  Children under 2 years old are free. Our farm is clean, neat, and tons of fun for the family and kids. Use our picnics areas and tables to hold your own picnic so bring your own food.

Book your seasonal field trip with Smith’s Nursery today! Call us at 919-934-1700